Restorative Justice Program

Our Restorative Justice program is founded on the belief that justice is best served when the victim and offender receive balanced attention and when all parties gain a tangible benefit from the healing process. We also provide a re-entry support system for those transitioning back into the community after being incarcerated.


Our restorative practices aim to transform student-to-teacher & student-to-student relationships. Restorative practices represent a positive step forward in helping all students learn to resolve disagreements, take ownership of their behavior, and engage in acts of empathy and forgiveness.

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Restorative Practices

Restorative practices strengthens relationships and builds thriving communities that focus on targeting underlying issues that cause harm. Our program is based on respect, responsibility, relationship-building, and relationship-repairing. Tier I focuses on building a strong community within the school, laying the groundwork for responsibility and respect. Tier II attempts to resolve conflicts and heal the harm individuals cause, while Tier III supports students reentering the school community after a suspension or expulsion. We also provides individualized support for these students.

Restorative Training


Our Trainings are structured so that School staff can:​


  • Gain Restorative practical skills

  • Learn communication, community building, classroom management, and engagement strategies.

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Our Trainings are structured so that Parents can:​


  • Gain restorative practical skills in the home

  • Learn healthy communication strategies

  • Partner with teachers to support the student emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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